Effects Of Adding Images To Web Content And SEO

People who are building websites knows how important it is to add images to any contents posted online. These make any online content better, improve marketing, draw the attention of users and visitors to any website. Such qualities are important considering the attention that is being given to quality images today in social network posts. On top of those obvious effects, adding images can also help with SEO.

Most users among the three major social networking sites have an emphasis on pictures:

  • Pinterest: Pinterest is now among the top 5 most popular social networking sites. This online community is relatively new and focuses on the images. With a steady increase in visitors, this site always refers to the importance of using and sharing high-quality pictures.
  • The Facebook wall: Changes in Facebook Timeline give greater emphasis to images than ever before. Photos are now larger, and even the cover photo profile reveals that the images are becoming more relevant. These changes have taken into account how images draw user"s attention.
  • Instagram fashion: Facebook paid a high price to buy Instagram. This is a sign of the importance of the images on social networks because its sole focus is on pictures.

Images and SEO

Adding pictures to web content is important for post and articles. The use of images can boost the number of visitors to a site. It is estimated that articles containing images have a good 94% more visits than those who do not. Some studies have shown that certain contents are more benefited by having images than others. Those posts include news, sports, and political content.

Remember to get the most out of each image. It must be of good quality and be relevant to the post. Do not forget that images you add can also enhance your search engine optimization (SEO). Write a relevant file name for the images you post. Don"t let the post have a random file name. It is also helpful to add alt and title attributes. It has to be relevant to the image and contains the focus keywords. Jacksonville SEO firm uses different methods to improve the ranking of your website.

Effects of images


Adding multimedia to contents such as blog articles and press releases will increase your number of visits. According to recent estimates, adding pictures to articles, the number of visitors will increase by 14%. It will further increase to 20% if the article has video.

If a post includes text, images, and video, it may have 48% more visitors than if you only include the text. Aside from images and videos, adding other media such as sound or info graphics will give the post a 77% increase of visitors. Remember that it is important to add images in different ways and play with these and content.

Local searches

Adding images to your posts will give a plus to your business. It is 60% more likely that a person considers or contact a business if it has an image in the results of local searches. A survey shows that if a website has an image that is positively calling attention, 37% more users will consider visiting the website. Additional 23% more visitors will likely contact the business. Only 20% will ignore the image results, and 20% say that the images do not call their attention and will not influence their decision.

For local searches, there is a need to upload high-quality images of your business, product or service, rather than the company logo. Florida SEO company will help your website post images that will improve your position and help your marketing.


Pictures are essential to almost any form of marketing. There is no doubt that high-quality images are key when it comes to selling products online and get more visits. It is estimated that 67% of customers believe that high-quality images are very important when buying an e -commerce.
A lot of images are especially needed in online stores. A single image is not even enough. The store has to offer different images with a different angle of each product.

Social media

Publications on social networks also benefit from adding pictures. Studies show that a Facebook post with photos can get more participation (likes, comments, share), than any other post. Measuring your impact on the social networks, you will make you notice this. It is important that when adding images to the content, they have to comply with these characteristics: nice, high quality, and interesting. It should be good enough that people will want to share the image.

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